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Electrical Installation

Our Business Quality

You can have your electrical installation works of your house or your workplace done in the shortest time possible with the materials that have longest economic life with Romtek Construction Company. Apart from being a company established in 2017, we are continuing to conduct or business devotedly by forming a terms of professional and experienced team members. We are preparing our projects and rapidly taking action in the shortest time possible without causing you any problems regarding electrical installations of houses or workplaces. Practical solutions are created by practical people. Therefore, we choose our team members from experienced people and achieve many successful projects with this team of ours. It must be noted that we have received very positive customer feedbacks by meeting all the electrical installation demands of many of our customers in a short span of time within the short period of time following our establishment.  Romtek Construction Company promises you experience and quality. You can contact us if you want to have all of your construction works done in quality hands.