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Why Choose Us?

Our company has been established in 2017 on the purpose of conducting business and offering the best service to our customers in the construction sector. We have made a rapid improvement thanks to our experienced employees and managerial staff apart from the fact that we are a newly established firm in the sector we are operating in. Thus, we have shown the quality in our work clearly since we made a name for our self easily.

 Romtek is a construction company having full working capacity in any field regarding the construction sector. Romtek has accomplished and keeps on accomplishing many special projects for individuals and for companies from the day it was established to this day.  Our company providing services for contracting, painting, tiling, carpentry, water installation, electrical installation, groundwork for destruction and for many fields, starts the work with a plan beforehand. Romtek completes and delivers its construction works as soon as possible and by acting in accordance with the plan.  Our main goal is to see the customer satisfaction in return for the works we do.

Construction sector is among the sectors that are supported by technological developments in each period of time and are required in every field. We always need to work devotedly, follow the technological developments and include these technological developments into our projects in order to be able to exist in this sector. Thus, we are able to offer the best quality service to our valued customers in the shortest time possible and with the best possible conditions.

 House plan and the infrastructure facilities are important in building constructions or in the restorations to be done with regard to these buildings. Line layout suitable for the building and the length of the connecting pipes also increase productivity during usage. Therefore, line layouts to be planned are also one of our important focus areas. We make a visit and lay the groundwork for the necessary preliminary preparations for the houses or workplaces that are planned to be constructed without professional staff. Thus, we are getting prepared for conducting the most reliable work with the data we have. At the same time, cleaning the destruction and the construction waste in houses or workplaces also reduce the workload both for us and for our customers.

 Therefore, we are proceeding on our work as sanitarily as possible and with minimum damage. We have made a name for our self and maintained our high customer satisfaction rate from the day we were established with the work we have done. Thus, it was not impossible for us to get ahead of our long-established competitors. Our company that started off for this purpose will continue to increase the devotion in the business it conducts also in the future. Our goal is to contribute to making better projects as the best company in our sector.

 We will carry on the experience we have gained in the past to the future and continue to impress people with the projects we will make with our dynamic staff.